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Out and about looking for my next coin purchase.


There are many shiny ching-ching coins in the store windows. Hunting for the right coin while considering rarity, year, and location minted. At the same time, I may be looking into solid silver daggers, spoons, or jewelry. Silverware should be avoided because most fine cutlery is copper with a thick silver plating. Most silver sets are not investment metal.

I normally buy from the same dealer who I have come to trust over the years. Developing that trust sometimes involves checking metals with acid or cutting coins in half.


All purchasing should be done in small quantities first.

After obtaining coins or ingots, one should have them independently appraised at competing dealers in order to keep the source honest. In my own case, I have no problem sawing coins in half and testing to make sure they are solid. Once confirmed real, they can be melted down and poured into a mold or directly into a bucket of water. Any form is ok as long as the metals can be weighed at the point of sale.

When you find the dealer whose prices are good and whose products are trustworthy, stick with the devil you know.

Shields are made of metal

Stay with real money!



Ok. But do not forget that at some time the real money was salt.

That works today too. The problem is how to carry enough salt to buy something :)

jajaja!!! yes good for you.

Ok. But do not
Forget that at some time the
Real money was salt.

                 - hosgug

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

a question and excuse my curiosity, once you buy the monera and check if it is solid, cutting it in half, what do you do with it ?. the funde says in the publication, but then in what converts it?

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