On Early Pregnancy : The Battle Between Heart and Brain

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THE battle between heart and brain has been a good topic of discussion eversince. This subject ignites different opinions and point of views from people. Which should you listen to? The thumping and erratic beat of your heart or the logical whispers of your brain? I guess you can choose both. It's okay to follow your heart without discarding the logical side of your brain. You can fall in love but you can't allow it to blind you from making logical decisions. You have to always be careful of your actions because the consequences can be too much to handle. It can change your whole life entirely.

Early pregnacy is an issue that keeps on getting worse generation after generation. Some teenagers were left with no choice but to face the life of parenthood instead of seizing their youth life and the endless opportunities ahead of them. Some young men runs from their responsibilities leaving the innocent young girls to face the consequences alone. It's too hard to handle especially when their parents have worked hard to send them to school and are expecting them to be the hope of their family. It's a stressful and depressing situation which even results to abortion and suicide.

I understand that humans have sexual needs. But there is a right time for everything. I am not against premarital sex but if you're too young to indulge in such act, think twice. No, not just twice. Think again and again and again until you realize that sex was not designed for young people who are still not capable of its possible repercussions. I understand that when you fall in love, you lose your senses. Love, no matter how beautiful, can be blinding, deceiving and misleading. It can make you make reckless decisions and will make you forget about what's right and wrong.

Eyes on your goal. Never forget about it. Think about the things that fuels you to study hard. You want a bright future for yourself and for your family. Again, there is a right time for everything. Love and lust can wait. You cannot let it ruin your future. Yes, there are a lot of young parents who were still able to be successful despite having a baby at an early age. But not all can handle it. Not all can achieve their dreams while taking care of a child. A child is a blessing, yes. But it's a blessing that should be claimed or received at the right time.

Enjoy your teenage life. Study, find a part-time job that can help you financially and will make you learn more things, travel, buy the things you've always wanted, meet new people, explore, enjoy! You don't have to be stuck at home taking care of a child at a young age. You still have to go through a lot of things to reach a certain level of maturity that will make you prepared to become a parent.

Think wisely. Always.

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If they want to practice their sex life, it would also be better to use contraceptives like condoms and pills.

I highly recommend having a stable job and marry the Woman you love when engaging through sex, this avoid you from getting HIV/AIDS when sleeping with another partner to another partner.

For the Fuccbois out there sex isn't a game you always wanted to play. Stay loyal and be healthy! Godbless Philippines.

Thanks a lot for wonderful post bro @jassennessaj

I think this early child pregnancy to me is due to lack of morals and Norm in the society. i once saw a 12 years old lady in IDP (internally displaced person) with pregnancy i almost cry.

I think this early child pregnancy to me is due to lack of morals and Norm in the society. i once saw a 12 years old lady in IDP (internally displaced person) with pregnancy i almost cry.

I truly believe in the concept of not have sex until you get married. Nowadays people don't care about feelings and just have sex, when we realice that make sex is wrong and make love is the best thing, we can improve as a human been.

We need to teach our teens the differences between sex and make love. When you see a Teenager that get pregnant you can see her parents mistake for not teaching her.

It is our responsability and is up to us to teach them.

By the way I am a man who was raised by good parents that teach me the differences and I am happily married with the first girl I meet

I think it is more on character and self discipline and focusing on what is really important in life.
This is a very nice subject bro.