Indoor RV Growing Update - 11

in #prepper3 years ago

Just an update, but so far it is going well...

I've got some work bench Oregano growing, and have figured out how to fit some drying racks in our little space here.

oreg 4 30 2018.jpg

The tomatoes are doing great!

Tomatoes 4 30 2018 b.jpg

Tomatoes 4 30 2018 k.jpg

Lettuce is growing super well...and we have beets, cucumbers, scallions and wild garlic planted in pots as of today.

We do not have the ebb and flow system made for the bathroom wall yet (we are short on funds right now), but hope to get it going very soon...and we have designed an entire wall hydro system for the hallway. If we build it with 6 to 10" PVC pipe, we will be able to grow about 50 plants in it, including tomatoes and larger root plants. The bathroom hydro might just end up strawberries and other fruits, we will see.


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Excellent initiative, it is very necessary to grow in our own spaces, what they call family garden, allows us to produce and save at the same time. Greetings.

It is fun too :) We have always kept at least a kitchen garden, often in pots...but living in a 32 foot RV with zero land is a little more challenging. So far we are finding that hydroponics is working the best, with LED lighting, because everything has to be indoors. I am determined to at least have a good salad garden and some herbs though :)

I wish you success in your projects.