Indoor RV Growing Update - 12

in #prepper3 years ago (edited)

We have our first ripening tomato!!! and I am trying to be very good and leave it alone ;)

Tomatoes 5 13 2018 b.jpg

Everything is growing very well, beets and cucumbers are both about 2 inches tall with nice healthy leaves.

And we got a drying screen hung, which now has our first batch of Dandelion flowers drying. We make jelly with some of them for a good source of winter potassium.

Dandelion 1a.jpg

We are making progress on finding the bits and pieces for our hydro strawberry garden. Not many places around here have smaller fittings, but I finally found a marine store up here in the mountains (oddly enough)

Still cold here. Snow last week, rain and hail today, and still dipping down around freezing at night. But we had a couple 70 F days and things outdoors are getting green, so it's trying to get warm :)


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