Grand Solar Minimum Update 7/23/18 - Son-tinh Hits Vietnam 30 Dead - Australia Cold - Arctic Ice 15 yr Record High

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This is Not What a Late-July Weather Pattern Looks Like in the Eastern States
Shifting Heat Wave from Southern Plains to West; A Very Wet Few Days for East
Yet again, Canberra breaks record for lowest 2018 temperature
100cm snow base at Hotham
'Wintry week' on the way with showers, snow
Tropical Storm "Son-tinh" hits Vietnam, damaging or destroying over 5 000 homes and leaving more than 30 dead
Crop loss, truck strike result in veggie price rise
Humans Have Changed Earth's Seasons For The First Time, Study Shows
Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:
Global COOLING Causes Extreme Weather – NO DENYING IT!
Lunar eclipse, Mars & Perseid meteor shower: 3 best summer skywatching events
Current Surface Mass Budget of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Arctic Sea Ice Volume
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