The quail are getting ready for Easter by laying Easter eggs, LOL!

in #prepping2 months ago (edited)

The quail are getting ready for spring to by laying an egg a day. All I had to do was get them inside the garage and keep them above freezing and give him a little artificial light.

I had them on feed for game birds, and they seem to like it quite well!

Here are my Easter eggs what do you think?


The birds are quite happy, and they are growing well. I will probably run some of these to the incubator soon and raise some up that I can release. These are intended to help with tick problems on the homestead! According to my reading, if I release a hundred or so around the house; it will depress the local tick population significantly.

The birds are definitely doing their part.


big catch of eggs.jpg

I hope the support a significant wild populations of these birds, and I'm going to try to free range some of them from a coupe.

They're attractive Birds but once they're in the grass they're almost impossible to spot. They do grow extremely fast moving from hatched chicks to laying eggs in a couple of months.

new birds hatching.jpg.jpg

They are relatively quiet also unlike guinea hens! Keep on prepping, and get your homestead safe from the liberal's.

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