Thank you for resteeming this post @squishysquid! I could read it and liked the idea a lot. I resteemed it too :)

@akipponn I am pleased you liked it. Do they have anything similar near you? Thank you also for resteeming it.

Recently I saw a Japanese news article shared by someone on facebook with keywords "library" and "seeds" but it's not a seed sharing at a local library as you wrote. It was more like a seed company made a local seed library for locals. Anyway I'm happy to see seeds are shared as a hobby gardener.

It sounds nice that the seed company did something so generous too :) my kids are loving learning about plants, just waiting for some shoots!!

Its a great post! ♥

@squishysquid that is such an awesome idea 💗 let me know what your friend says. Thank you so much for resteeming my post too

No prob, and thanks! ♥

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