Pride - San Francisco

in #pride3 years ago

How can one be visiting San Francisco in the same week as the city is celebrating pride week, and not go to at least one event. Or just hang out on the porch and talk and listen to the fireworks going off in all directions, but not being able to see them cuz you're surrounded by buildings and the fireworks are too low ..... Bummer. But then when you're dog sitting, it's best to keep them inside and away from the loud noises anyway.

Well I happened to be in the city and friends dragged me to a park (Delores Park) which was a sea of people.
We thought we got there early.... Hahaha were we wrong.. The great smells from the food vendors and the music, wafted through the bright sunny day. It was in the mid 80's warm for the Bay Area. And not a cloud in the sky.
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