Pride - San Francisco Part Two

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Sunday June 24th is usually the biggest day of pride week. But I think the whole weekend is packed with events and marches, parades and lot of food and music. Going back to yesterday (Saturday) for a second...... I wanted to share a few more photos from the park of the zillions of people and dogs etc. who were there to celebrate.

Of course there was Joey and Milo.....I'm not sure that's their bottle....but there were a ton of empty ones around.

And Lola hogging the entire blanket ....or towel I should say... And next you'll enjoy this trick from Joey....

Watch it a few times to see Joey give "high 10's" to her mom. As Milo watches in awe!

And our group of pups enjoying the day with us. Milo likes to fly solo. And is very social....Not sure where he was at the time of the video...if you see him, yay.... I didn't !

Thanks for "reading and watching". If I make it to the civic center for the main event.....I'll report back soon! More to come.
Copyright 2018 @kptravel Kim P.


I think Joey and Milo were trying to pretend that wasn't their bottle.

Copyright 2018 @kptravel Kim P

I periodically make up my blog posts with TOP quotes. I really want to add this.

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