A Proud Young Lady

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Unknown to all, the man whom everyone talked about his attractive looks, was only but a piece of poop.
When Adanma saw the handsome man, her heart melted like wax immediately.

Hello, he greeted her, you a such a beauty to behold. She was shocked to hear him speak of her in that manner. Did he find her more attractive than all the other women?
They talked. The stranger said he had come to look for a wife in that country.

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Marry me, she cried in ecstasy. Please marry me, I will give you beautiful children.
She led him to her parents and introduced him to them. Meet Dameeh, she said rather excitedly, he has come to ask for my hand in marriage and I have accepted.

Her father shook hands with the stranger but as their hands locked, the ring on the old man's finger shone like a moon. The ring was a magic ring which he had inherited from his father. Whenever, he shok hands with anyone and it shon, it was a sign that such a person had a bad luck.


Egbaanu oluwa. Alaisan Egan alafia

Tioshanu gbogbo edapata

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