"Block Cup": A 3D printing Design tutorial

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Time for another entry into the #selfCADchallenge spring design competition !


This time, I'm designing a 3D printable minecraft-esque cup !

Why ?

I have no idea... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The idea just came to me, while working on another #Superrare artwork, and I had to make it ;)

This is yet another entry to the #selfCADchallenge, and as such was designed in SelfCAD and is hosted on MyMiniFactory

Starter shape

To start the design, I used the Sphere Shape Generator:


Then, I passed it through the Magic Blocks tool, which allows us to "blockify" the shape:


hollow it out and cut off the top

I then re-created a sphere of the exact same dimensions using the aforementioned Sphere Shape Generator:


As you can see, I played around with the height scaling a bit, trying to create a good border.
After adjusting that parameter slightly, I then moved it upwards and used the Stitch and Scoop tool to remove one from the other:


As you can see, there's still some adjustments to make.
So I created a cube and removed it from the top, to eliminate all those parts at the top.
Wouldn't make a very good cup, with those in, after all:



A handle

I then used the Cylinder Shape Generator to create a small cylinder shape:


I used the Bend Modifier tool to bend the shape into a good handle like shape:



And, after moving it into place, and scaling it a bit, I re-applied the Magic Blocks tool:


Cosmetic adjustments

Now it's just some relatively cosmetic adjustments.

I thought it needed a bit of an adjustment in the size of both the top of the cup, and the side of the handle.
So i re-created some cubes and applied the Stitch and Scoop tool:





The Practical aspect

Now, we need to insure it's got relatively acceptable dimensions.

After all, even though the entry of the design competition that has been featured in the MyMiniFactory newsletter is this bad boy:

The design competition has the keyword Practical in it.

Something I'm really hoping will weigh in when judging happens, as my designs have all been created around this idea, and a lot of the more impressive works (which I fear will win ;) ) have no practical purpose at all.

So, I did a quick google and found this:


And proceeded to adjust the dimensions accordingly (keeping the overall proportions intact):


And finally I ran the model through the Magic Fix tool, which is supposed to correct any invalid geometry that would make the model unprintable:


And voila, the model is done !


It's rather stylish. ;) Nice job! I love pixelized things.

thank you 😊
I'm rather pleased with the result too.

fingers crossed for that competition 😄

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