Best glue for PLA plastic for 3d printing

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I 3d print all my parts in PLA because it smells less than ABS. It is a very popular type of plastic because it shrinks less and can be printed on blue tape without a heated bed. People usually use different brands of Super Glue to join the printed parts. I used to do it myself for the first few years. It works ok but the joint is rigid and it cracks often. A while ago, I discovered that the glue I had in my toolbox for joining acrylics works brilliantly with PLA too. It dissolves the plastic and welds it just like Acetone does with ABS plastic or Humbrol Poly cement with Styrene or model kits parts. The joint becomes even stronger than the ones between the layers of prints.

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Plastic Weld dissolves a thin film on each surface to be joined then evaporates very quickly forming a welded joint - one as strong as the surrounding plastic. For best results, hold the pieces to be joined, use a small brush to apply Plastic Weld. Capillary action will spread it to the length and bredth of the joint, forming a continuous solid weld. I sometimes even use it to reinforce places where I see that layers could delaminate or in places where part cracked while removing it from the printer.
I bought mine at my local hobby store but found exactly the same product on Amazon UK, link:
I tried to find it on US store but it was not there. The one I have contains Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride) so you can search yourself for something similar on American market. The closest I could find is this product I never used it but it lists the same types of plastic on the tube and from Youtube video, looks like it works exactly the same. You need to test it yourself if it works and let me know. It was an amazing discovery for me, I can now design parts in multiple pieces and join them without losing strength. Most of the recent models on were done using this method. So far, it is the best way to glue PLA plastic. If you know better, share it in comments below so we can all improve our workflow.
The links above are affiliate links, it means that I will be earning 4% from Amazon if you buy something. Your price will not change because of that, but it is another way you will support my work. I spend all the earnings on PLA plastic for my next projects or experiments and share the results with you so we can all learn from each other. Thanks for your upvotes and support. If you want to donate me plastic for future project, here is the link :
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Ordered! will for sure test it! Had to order it via so hopefully, you still get your affiliate bonus, i just followed the links...

Great! Thanks! I also need to order another bottle because my hobby store sold last one, probably to my friend who also started using this. He even used it to clear a clogged nozzle to dissolve PLA.

I found a similar glue at Modulor. They also send to UK probably until Brexit at least :D


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