Travels in 3D land

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I have for some years wanted to 'get into 3d printing' but as I am 75 a bit intimidated at the thought of having to master the software needed. None the less last July I bought a machine.

I live in high rise condo, somewhat in space so my 3d printer would have to meet certain criteria.

  1. small
  2. quiet
  3. odorless
  4. pre-built
  5. not too expensive

These criteria ruled out most every thing but a small FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling) printer

image from

and ultimatly a Tevo Michelangelo

This machine is almost unknown but all the reviews were good and was said to be quiet. I bought one and have been quite happy with it since.

I downloaded some 3D models from websites like Thiniverse

and had fun getting all the leveling and nozzle heights set up and printing.

my cubby hole printer set-up

Example of Thiniverse printable model

Over the years I have tried a few 3D modeling and drafting programs with little success but stumbled upon Onshape.

Now this application I could understand and found the interface so intuitive I could actually make things that looked really good.

I hope to get some free booze from these guys

Then I tackled Meshmixer

This was not a intuitive as onshape but with a little sweat was able to make this

Not too bad for a five month journey to a fantastic new hobby.

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