Travels in 3D land #4

in #printing3d10 months ago

As this covid thing wears on I must keep busy or go mad. This is my latest odyssey in the land of 3D models.

bob n bob dog.jpg

I start with modelling clay, squishing and squeezing while watching TV, until inspiration occurs. Sometimes nothing but eventually something.

Then use 'Qlone' on my iphone to scan the model and export it as a 3D printer model (STL)

NOTE This NOT me just a link to youtube video on Qlone.

In order to export the file to something useful for 3D printing the upgrade MUST be purchased for $30. I can't say I have had much success with inexpensive ways to 3D scan an object but I am satisfied with the results. I takes many tries and proper lighting for anything useful.

for example

Then import the file to Meshmixer for some sculpting and cleanup.

bob dog.GIF
This is not me either. Youtube again

finally into the printer!!

Bobdog and Bob.jpg

What a process maybe I am mad already?

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