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RE: Do I Need To Sacrifice Privacy To Be A Successful Author On Steemit? (Edit: See Really Good Discussion!)

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More than half the people that comment on posts here don't even bother going through the post and it's actually mostly due to the impersonal nature of how things are being done here. On places like facebook, twatter(no typo) and others, people are more engaging because they genuinely feel like they're communicating with a person that gives a shit enough to put his neck on the line. Whereas here, there's this level of anonymity thats prevalent and sort of makes the platform "proffesional" or reward oriented, if I may. As much as privacy is a concern, being too private is actually an engagement barrier. I hope I made some sense


You've made enough sense to warrant a full upvote for caring to express your opinions and engage!

Yet here, ironically, there's a record of everything you ever say to anyone.

Some people get that, and try to inject value into what it is that they say. Others... don't. :D

As much as this is true, it is also found in every social platform.
The point I'm trying to make is that there's a certain level of personalization required to make a platform more engaging.
You'd naturally be more comfortable talking about personal shit on the platform when there's others talking about theirs. If we keep conversations purely intellectual, it'll lose taste.

At least, on the blockchain, you can go back and do an audit to see what people have edited their prior posts for... (like me forgetting this paragraph in my original reply).

I do very much love the pure, intellectual conversations on the platform, and agree that there's a place for these (as well as) the personal shit.

Some of the best posts I've read are candid, personal accounts (not the entitled self-victimisation we tend to see on other social media platforms) - of overcoming obstacles, or dealing with them in a way that appeals to our caveman like instincts of gathering around the fire and listening to a story.

There's posts everywhere here, not a lot of them tell a story, and appeal to our sense of wanting to know what happens next.

The rapid-fire nature of other social media platforms allow this to come about somewhat organically (i.e,xyz person is replying right now) - yet here, there's a disconnect - perhaps due to a lack of notfications (a discord, GINA bot solves that, or using a platform like STEEMPeak) - but I think that the vast majority of users aren't yet willing to lay their personal shit bare in candid, leave out none of the details posts.

We endure as storytellers, and we learn so much from each other's stories. We just need to be open to reading them, and subject to Matt's original post here, not enough people do enough reading on this platform to allow the appropriate level of engagement to occur!

If @belemo responds, I might ask that someone use the popcorn bot as it'd start getting juicy.

I didnt mean it in an antagonistic manner! My point was along the lines of "nice post dear" type commenters.

HAH. I know it wasn't. I was just enjoying my personal Steemit record of generating intellectual dialogue.

Get the !popcorn out, it's intelligent conversation! Signs of life!

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