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RE: Do I Need To Sacrifice Privacy To Be A Successful Author On Steemit? (Edit: See Really Good Discussion!)

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I feel your pain @steemmatt (talking about your last paragraph). I have noticed I tend to go through privacy cycles as a content creator and at odds with myself over the balance.

I can also completely relate to your feelings re: the shortening and cheapening of content at the visualization of success. Like you said... Heck, just look at the high payout posts -- they're short snips of "something" that may be useful, but more than not are of no real use! Yet they have high payouts and suck the rewards from others (many people vote for a higher paying post in hopes they'll get curation rewards as the post continues to grow). No doubt... friends in high places or just helping themselves from a higher advantage to climb higher.

It's something I have had the intention to write about for a while, I think hearing that I'm not alone is a good motivation to actually do it now.


Glad you concur, sans feeling the same pain. I feel that there's so much vote politics involved that even if people jived with what we say, they can't rock the whale pod to risk their support.

There are some people who are agnostic to respect effort, value and content with support, regardless of the adverse effects. It shouldn't be the minority as I feel it is. Most though seem to not want to make waves and play the game in order to keep their rewards channels open. More coat tail grabbing than leaders...

I'd suggest that you write, even if it's just to get your thoughts out. I personally vent sometimes just to clear my head on the Steemit topic and allow me to reset to try to blog more.

Yeah, I think one of the things that most irks me is the people who seems to always kiss up in the obvious hopes to get promoted by selling the company Kool-Aid. Ugh... Where's the free thinkers? Where's the free speakers? :-D

Unrewarded and therefore dying off. If you write and no one reads it, did you really create those words? I think that people eventually just give up because they feel it's a waste of time or pointless to take that approach. For me to feel that way after being such a believer for so long, it's telling to me. All of my business common sense sirens are going off, but we're manipulated by the social norms here to think we're the ones who are wrong.

True. True. And TRUE!!! I have wondered, where did all these users go? I’ve been here since May 2017, to meet then loose many good content creators makes me wonder. They were good writers, with good things to share and teach. Now they’re gone.

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Time is money. If people feel their time isn't being well spent, I fully support their initiative and discipline to cut the line and move on to greener pastures. As for me, I'm too stubborn and want to grind it out to prove to myself I could do it without bots and buying SP, as I feel it was initially designed for us in theory.

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