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RE: Do I Need To Sacrifice Privacy To Be A Successful Author On Steemit? (Edit: See Really Good Discussion!)

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I love how the comments you've received on this post prior to mine don't seem to indicate that they've actively consumed or read this content of yours.

I'm very much in the public eye on Steem. My car's number plate is on here (it's even in my avatar) - I stream, I write about personal experiences, and I'm fairly active in several discord communities.

Privacy, and putting everything behind closed doors certainly has its merit, but the power of this social blockchain is to ... get know people (imo) - and build some sort of trust, ironically, through a trustless mechanism.

I've often asked the same question if I was to powerdown and continue to create content, would I see my rewards change at all?


Thank you.

Everyone has the right to do whatever they'd like, I just worry that a lot of the safety some people feel at the moment may erode in 3-5 years' time if crypto is globally adopted. While protected by a private key, our bank account is ironically literally completely public. If I kept my avatar a tomato and never gave any personal clues/info, that's ok, but most other social media doesn't have money linked/fueling it, which raises the flag for me.

As you closed with, I also agree whole-heartedly... if I didn't have any voting power or rewards potential for others, I'd likely still keep most of the current people who interact with me (a tiny handful) because they are GENUINE and developing friendships, but I'd faint if real money or new followers would care in the slightest because I'm not a stakeholder/can't reward them for their engagement in return/curation.

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