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RE: Do I Need To Sacrifice Privacy To Be A Successful Author On Steemit? (Edit: See Really Good Discussion!)

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well the idea of social media for people is pictures, videos and very short sentences or paragraphs ( twitter style )
we can't blame people coming from those type of platforms which are very mainstream and '' fool proof '' and expect them to just write a ton of words every day.
if steemit wants to beat the fb or the other ones, it has to make their lives easier not give them more work to do!
let's face it not everyone will get the 100$ posts but if this gets adapted you wont see long ass blogs that much!
look at facebook, as a regular person you just want o post a few photos and brag a little but not to sit down and just write so many words just to please!
we need this to be '' fool proof '' for it to work!


I hear you. Excellent points. Thanks.

I just don't think we need to show our faces to achieve such popularity and success because our finances are publicly associated with our profile. Therefore, everyone in the world can theoretically see who we are and our holdings, which are often a fraction of the other crypto some may hold. As prices soar, that's scary.

well that is true but when money goes up they become the new age celebrities and they have to deal with the security issues as for example kim kardashian does.
but for this to become '' THE SOCIAL MEDIA '' we will need people act the way they do in a normal manner.

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