New "Cyber Czar" - Internet Freedom is Over

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The National Cyber Director Act was just passed by Congress as part of the NDAA which will create a "Cyber Czar". It's a disaster for internet privacy and freedom.

The "Cyber Czar" position has an unspecified budget, and a department of at least 75 people who will be unelected bureaucrats that remain in power regardless of who is elected into office, and who will get to determine internet best practices. They will also likely be in charge of enforcing anti-encryption bills like "EARN IT" and "Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act" should they go through.

Congressman Thomas Massie was the only person who pushed back against the bill. I chat with him about why it's a danger, and should be stopped.

Tell your local representative you are against the NDAA because of the National Cyber Director Act, you're against the EARN IT Bill, and you're against the Authorized Access to Encrypted Data Act.
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