We Should All Have Something To Hide

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Saying you don’t mind surveillance because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t believe in freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. This was something Snowden said.

The fact is, privacy is fundamental to the fabric of our society, and we should all be concerned when people threaten to take it away.

Strong encryption is one of the most powerful tools we have for protecting our privacy. End-to-end encryption is particularly important.
Currently there are 2 bills in congress in the USA that are trying to make end to end encryption illegal:
There is the EARN IT bill which threatens crucial freedom of speech protections for online publishing platforms unless these platforms abide by “best practices” set forth by a very anti-encryption commission.
And there is the “lawful access to online data” act, which would force back doors into all our encrypted devices and platforms.

We need to stand up and fight against bad encryption laws before the balance of power tips irretrievably away from the individual.

To fight against these bad bills, visit:

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I like your article! I know, "get ready for the other shoe to fall" because when anything begins like that...
Actually no, not going to rip up your article/work. I agree with what you are saying and what Ed Snowden did (although at the time I was a little bit miffed at him) and would support any person who stands for the America my family and I fought for. going back over 400 years my family has been here and we have fought in every conflict in support of this country and what it stood for. Many things have come up lately that most of us never thought of, nor paid attention to if we were aware of them.
My strongest message that I personally put forth is "Get rid of the standing Congress, they DO NOT represent ANYTHING American". When I get asked "Why" I simply ask what has your congressional member done for you?" and I usually get about 2 minutes worth of "Uh, Umm," and other stuff like that. "We The People" hired our Reprentatives and Senators to do a job for US, not to line their own pockets. As it is, I would love having a job where I worked 3 months a year and get paid $174,500.00 annually. And they FAIL to even attempt to work for us.

Sorry for ranting, Be well and keep up the good writing!!

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