A Summary of Promotional Events Supporting the Launch of ProBit Exchange

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Prior to the opening of the ProBit Exchange platform on November 30, ProBit is holding several events for fundraising, promoting sign ups and increasing overall awareness. Below is a summary of the events for the month of November. Each event offers different benefits to potential users of ProBit Exchange. Take note of the schedule and don’t miss the opportunity to participate and maximize the benefits you will receive!

ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale Event

Period: November 5 to November 28

The Pre-Sale Event is the first chance for users to buy the ProBit Token (PROB), the utility token at ProBit Exchange. Within the Pre-Sale period, those who purchase the ProBit Token will get a 10% bonus. This is a limited offer and would not be available after the Trade Mining phase starts. Those who are interested to purchase PROB are required to buy a minimum amount of 100 USD.

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Period: November 5 to November 30

During the 26-day period of the lottery event, ProBit will be holding a daily raffle draw. At 11 AM every day, 10 lucky winners of 10 EOS each will be randomly chosen among the pool of users who acquired lottery tickets. In addition, 1 lucky winner of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be selected every week (a total of 4 people during the entire lottery period). There are several ways to get lottery tickets for the event including signing up at www.probit.com and participating in the Referral Program and Bounty Program.

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Period: November 5 onwards

The Registration Event’s objective is to reward the first users of ProBit Exchange. Users who sign up at www.probit.com and deposit at least $50 worth of coins into their ProBit wallet will receive a 4 USDT reward. The release of 4 USDT is subject to the verification and approval of the ProBit team. In case suspicious activities such as duplicate accounts or use of bots are suspected, ProBit reserves the right to ask for additional documents such as KYC certificate or identification card. The Registration Event will continue to run until the budget allocated for the registration event has been fully exhausted. Please take note that the 4 USDT reward shall be transferred during the opening of the exchange on November 30.

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Period: November 5 onwards

Among all existing referral programs, ProBit’s Referral Program offers the most number of rewards to both inviters and invitees. The inviter will get 4 USDT for every friend that he or she has referred to the ProBit network. To be considered as a referred friend, the invitee should sign up and deposit a minimum amount of $50 worth of coins into his ProBit wallet. In addition, after the opening of the exchange, the inviter will receive a referral bonus equivalent to 10–20% of the trading fee of all the transactions made by his invitee. As a bonus, 10 lottery tickets for the 100 EOS and Samsung Galaxy S9 Grand Lottery will also be given to the invitee for every referred user. The invitee will also receive a reward of 4 USDT and 10 lottery tickets upon signing up. To start referring friends and earning rewards, click the link below.

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Period: November 5 to November 30

ProBit Exchange’s Social Media Bounty Program rewards both content creators and social media promoters. 40,000 USDT tokens will be shared and distributed to all participants of the Bounty Program. Depending on the intensity of their social media activities, participants of the Bounty Program can accumulate points which are convertible to USDT tokens at the end of the Bounty Program. Lottery tickets for the 10 EOS & Samsung Galaxy S9 Grand Lottery will also be awarded. The bounty program will target various media channels including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blogs.

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Register an account: https://www.probit.com

Join Telegram Group: https://t.me/ProBitEnglish

ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale:

ProBit is holding a Pre-Sale Event of ProBit Tokens (PROB) from November 5 to 28. ProBit Tokens are available at a 10% bonus during this period. Learn more about PROB at https://www.probit.com/en-us/token