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Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the lifeblood of the Cryptocurrency world, without the existence of these platforms, I can boldly say that Cryptocurrencies would not see the light of day because this is the only platforms where Cryptocurrencies can be bought or sold or exchanged from one to another, Like I said earlier, Cryptocurrencies presently has a combined marketcap of over $200 billion and all of these transactions are made in Cryptocurrency exchanges so you can see their their importance cannot be overemphasized.

Personally I have known about Cryptocurrencies since 2015 but I was always in the periphery, I only became active since late 2017 and I can boldly say that I am an accomplished cryptocurrency trader who has traded in over 40 cryptocurrency exchanges and i while I found almost all to have same basic features, I recently discovered a very new and unique cryptocurrency exchange that I am about to introduce to you today, the features which I saw in this cryptocurrency exchange is mind blowing and I have not seen it elsewhere so far, the name of this exchange is Probit Exchange

WHAT IS Probit?

It is Estimated that one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchange has made over $300,000,000 in profit just in the first half of this year alone, Billions of dollars worth of trades are conducted in various cryptocurrency exchanges every single day and this is something that happens every single day, But most of these exchanges tend to keep the profits generated from those exchanges for themselves, they don't give back to the community nor traders.

Have you ever wished there was a Cryptocurrency exchange that distributes some of it's profits to it's community members and supporters? Have you ever wished there was a fast, secure and reliable way to earn rewards just by holding a particular token? If your answer to these questions is yes, then I have very good news for you, such an exchange does exist and it's name is Probit

Before I tell you why Probit decided to use such a operation model, it is imperative to tell you a little if this revolutionary exchange's history especially the Origin of it's name.

Like I mentioned earlier, Blockchain technology is here to establish a transparent and fair credit society. This is an aim shared by the founders of Probit Exchange and to show solidarity to this noble aim, they decided to name their platform Pro & BTC, like we all know, PRO means different things but it in general, it means "Professionalism" and can also mean "In Favour Of Something", so in other words, Probit name itself is engineered to show that they are professionals and they are fully in support of Bitcoin and other Blockchain related Cryptocurrencies.


To help you better understand why Probit is unique and Awesome to me, I would be telling you about it's features from my own observations after registration in the exchange.

Almost Immediately after Registration and my first deposit, the first thing I noticed was how important the Probit team takes security and information, I was informed via mail about every single activity in my account, Probit kept me in the loop about any activity in my account while I was using the exchange and this struck my as being very innovative.

Security: Security of funds in a Cryptocurrency exchange is very very important and the team behind Probit knows this and takes the security of funds of it's users very seriously and that is why they utilize multi-layer firewalls, multi-signature, and cold hot money bag isolation programs to maximize the security of user assets and Probit also collaborates with top security Outfits.

Trading Mining: This is one very unique and innovative feature of Probit, Probit has it's very own native token called the PROB Token, Users of the platform are rewarded just for holding this token, 50% of the Probit token is distributed to traders who also hold the HIBT tokens and occasional gifts is distributed to the holders of the PROB as well, Probit presents a passive earning opportunity to it's users, this innovative process is known as Trading Mining.

Rights Sharing & Transparency: Probit Exchange is unlike any existing centralised exchange platform because it gives the it's users decision making rights, for example, Users that holds some amount of Probit token can independently recommend a cryptocurrency to be listed in Probit in the voting process, Isn't that mind-blowing?. Additionally, the rights to make major decisions in the platform shall be vested on the PROB token holders.

To in a bid to make everything more transparent, it is also note worthy to mention that all transaction data, income data, mining data, voting data would be regularly published and made public in such a way that it would be easily be Verified.

Fast Transaction Framework: One reason many users run away from some exchanges is their slow transaction framework, some exchanges are not built to handle much transactions per second and when the transactions exceed such a limited number, problems starts arising, the brilliant minds behind Probit knows this and they have created a conducive framework for professional and amateur traders alike where they can trade and never have to worry about the speed of their transactions because Probit is built to handle Millions of TPS (Transactions Per Second).

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