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Guys, Hello! I continue to talk about the ProBit exchange, which was launched on November 30. Today I will tell you about the lottery, which they launched as part of their marketing program. All the information they have on the website, in the Announcements section. As well as in Twitter, Telegram and Facebook.

Grand Lottery will run until 30 November, i.e. before the date when you run the platform. The start of the program was November 5. All users who have registered before this time will automatically take part in the lottery. To take part in the lottery - you need to buy tickets. Tickets can be obtained in a simple way. By registering on the website you will receive 10 tickets at once. Also, for each referral who will register on your link or using your invite code - you will also receive 10 tickets. All information about the referral program I have already analyzed in a separate article. Also join the telegram group - you will receive 10 tickets. By subscribing to Twitter and Facebook accounts you will receive 10 more tickets. Total 30 tickets you can get just by registering on the website, telegram, Facebook and Twitter. Plus for each referral you will receive 10 tickets. The lottery takes place every day. Every day 100 EOS are raffle and Samsung galaxy C9 is raffle weekly.

There is an additional way to get tickets - participation in the bounty program. All tickets for the lottery within the marketing program are summed up and stored until the end of the registration period. I will tell you a little more about the awards. As I said, 100 EOS are raffle every day.
Every day 10 winners receive 10 EOS. Information about the winners is posted on the website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook ProBit. There is another great news. You can win more than once a month. Every Friday, the weekly prize pool is the Samsung galaxy S9. The ProBit team will contact the winner separately. I also want to say that the chances of users to win the lottery depend on the number of registered users and the number of tickets that each user earns. The more you do the action - the more you earn tickets. The more tickets you have - the higher the chance to win the lottery. However, this still does not guarantee a win.
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I also take part in the lottery. I have a few tickets and recently I won 10 EOS! It's fun! I was very happy to see a letter in my mail that I was the winner of the lottery. On Twitter and Facebook they publish posts with the winners. Me on email also came information, that I won 10 EOS.
In principle, this is all the details of the lottery, which I wanted to tell. Link to the post with the details of the lottery will be at the bottom.

Now participation in the lottery is already closed. But the referral program continues to operate! And also follow the news of the ProBit. Recently, they announced that they will hold various events in honor of the launch of the exchange. I'm sure you'll like them!

Plus, do not forget - for a Deposit of 50$, you will receive a bonus of4 USDT. Use this bonus from the ProBit team. For your referrals who have made a Deposit of 50$ - you will also get 4 USDT! This is a great opportunity to earn.

At the moment, the ProBit team has successfully completed its Pre-Sale. And this is during the strongest bear market! Congratulations to ProBit on this achievement. They will also open a Main-Sale tokens PROB only 1 day. They made this decision to thank the community for their support. It will be soon enough, in December. In order not to miss this event - subscribe to the official ProBit channels in the social networks and follow the news. The minimum investment in the Pre-Sale was 50$, or 250 tokens PROB. Perhaps during the Main-Sale the minimum amount will remain. Buy tokens PROB the Pre-Sale - 0,2$ for one token PROB.

I would like to express my gratitude to ProBit team for listening to the opinion of the community and fulfilling their promises! This is an excellent and competent approach. The number of ProBit supporters will only grow, this is beyond doubt!

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