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RE: Producer Challenge Week #3 Submission 2 /// Riggsyfort - Triumph

What up @riggsyfort! I'm not a rapper, but I thought I'd give it a shot just for fun and I wrote up some lyrics and put them on your beat here. Check it out! -


Derek!!! My dude, this is on point! You got the lyrics, the message to go with the flow, and the energy! Your musical background definitely shows here, and what you're speaking I'm on board with. Optimism, Karma, Climbing hills, putting in the work, all of it. Looking forward to more your stuff man!!

Thanks @riggsyfort. I'm so stoked that you dig it!! With more practice I bet I could do even better. I was hanging out with my cuz after recording this and I played it for him and he said I seem "to angry". lol. I think that it's just the aggressive style I chose to go with, I'm sure it will take a bit of experimenting to find my real style. I like writing lyrics and performing so this was all fun for me. So you'll probably be seeing more rapping from me in the future. Thanks for being the spark.

I like the aggressive style, it's brings a unique sounds and flow man. You can definitely tell that you're comfortable on the mic and with your lyrics. Definitely keep it going man, and I'll keep trying to make stuff you can rap on!

Check out this one! Added some of the lyrics I used on this beat on to some old lyrics from way back and then threw together a hard, yet smooth electric guitar riff for it

This is sick man!!! Check us out in the cypher jam bro!!!!!

Thanks @termitemusic! Glad you like it.

The cypher jam looks awesome. I'm following you now and will try to participate whenever I can!

cant wait to hear what you got man!!!! no rules and anything goes!!!

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