NewSteem: pathways to success


What are the paths to success now?

Hello Steemians
Now that we have had a few months to get a feel for the impact of the HardFork I see the following: Author rewards down 50%, Curation Rewards Up 100 % on Steemit.

I am resigned to making the most of the rules we have now. My philosophy is change, adapt and thrive.
Now on Steemit curation is King and Stake is Queen. The wealth strategy is now curation and the tool you use to get some is Stake or Steempower, or powered up versions of any of the Tokens. But to be exact there is more then one path to profits. We are in a new ERA here on Steem. The tribes present us opportunities or paths to success. This what I have found are still profitable on Steem-Engine and Steem.

Posting: yes profits are reduced, but 50% is still > then Facebook’s zero %.
Curation: yes, curation has gone up and so you need to power up. This is easier on the Tribes because they are valued in the fractions of one Steem.


Yes, Steem is a delegated proof of Stake coin, but many of the Steem-Engine Tokens have virtual miners, which means you buy the miner and Stake it (like powering them up) and if you have enough miners you get daily rewards.
Delegating Steem for weekly Token rewards.
The tribes need Steempower, so they pay you in Tokens for renting them your Steempower.

The Tribes pay in Tokens for people to read large numbers of posts and upvote good quality posts and downvote poor quality.

These are some of the ways I am earning Tokens on the Steem blockchain and Steem-Engine sidechain.

How about you?
Did you find addition ways to earn Tokens or Steem?

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If Steem falls below top 100 coins on coinmarketcap we will have a big problem.

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I agree that our low current position gives the impression that our project is of lower value intrinsically then the 80 above us. So by that measuring stick falling out of the top 100 coins would be dismal, so I hope it doesn’t happen. I believe the pace of growth of the DApps on the Steem blockchain will eventually propel use the list as our transactions numbers rise and demand for our coin grows to transact business on the chain.

Dear @shortsegments

Again interesting read.

Author rewards down 50%, Curation Rewards Up 100 % on Steemit.

Ehm. I think that author rewards are down more than 50% and curation rewards are far from being 100% up.
Mostly thanks to non-linear curve and the fact that rewards from publications worth less than 5$ are being "penalized".


You are correct. The percentages assume your post hits the threshold for linear rewards of about 20 Steem. You are also correct that the extra funding for Developers also reduces these percentages.

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