Everyone can now post though this account!! :) XD

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Hello World @a1-shroom-spores here! I am proud to announce that the process of posting through the Hard Spork account is becoming decentralized!
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My dream for the @hard-spork steem account is to have a decentralized system that allows anyone from new users to top witnesses to post about the steem ecosystem and Hard forks.

The only rules are that you don't post rants, hateful language {threats etc} or any information that isn;t factual {false info on the fork code etc.} Any editing of the post will be approved by you first. It will be a fair and consensual system to post your ideas about steem; get a great upvote and be heard by your peers!

Here's how the system will work.

  1. Create a post on steemit, steempeak etc.
  2. Do not publish your post Click edit post. Copy the entire post.
  3. Paste your post under "http://collabedit.com/vw54y" which is a group notebook. No login required.
  4. Alert the Hard Spork discord you posted a draft https://discord.gg/PzyBVUH for quick and efficient publishing.
  5. A team member will edit your post. Then they will post your edited draft back onto https://discord.gg/PzyBVUH. Then you agree to the final draft or contest the edits until you have a final draft you agree to.
  6. Then the post gets published under the @Hard-spork account!
  7. You keep 100% of the liquid steem/sbd. You keep all Hard Spork tokens {when it becomes a tribe} @hard-spork account owner keeps %100 of the SP earned.

Rules For Posting Through The @Hard-Spork:

  1. Post must contain 1 or more picture.
  2. Every picture posted must me public domain or a personal photo you have rights to. Please put {not for re-use, published with permission.} or something similar under personal photos you dont want re-used by other people.
  3. Please use the best spelling grammer etc. that you can. This will make the publishing process much faster for you.
  4. No personal attacks, name calling or foul language except in the context of a quote or story etc. We want these posts to argue a point well. Just like a real debate.
  5. Post must be "steem centric" AKA having something to do with a hard fork, the reward pool, flagging, voting etc. etc. etc.
  6. You must put the following disclaimer in bold at the end of the post. "This post was written by {your steem name here}. I hereby swear nothing contained in this post is copyrighted or stolen. I accept all responsibilities for the ideas herein and have given express permission to have this article published. I have agreed to any editing of this post. I agree to accept 100% of the liquid steem/sbd and Hard spork tokens recieved from this post's payout. I AGREE TO SURRENDER, FORFIT ETC ALL THE SP {STEEM POWER} EARNED FROM THIS POST TO THE OWNER OF THE @HARD-SPORK ACCOUNT."

Congratulations @a1-shroom-spores, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @hard-spork!
@hard-spork got 6 TRDO & @a1-shroom-spores got 4 TRDO!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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No hárd bórk in the hard spork plz =)

~Smartsteem Curation Team

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