Showcase your Java or Scala skills (HIRED coding challenge)

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Put your (or your friend's) coding skills to the test to win £1000 in the Trayathon – Virtual Coding Challenge. The challenge runs from March 16th 2021 through April 21st 2021 and consists of a technical test in Java or Scala, which you should be able to complete within a 90 minute time limit.

The highest score (with fastest time being the tiebreaker) is the winner and will be notified and announced after the challenge ends via email.

Go to Challange

You would need to register a HIRED account first.


Note: this is for Java/Scala Programmers only!

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This is why we need to promote steemit more. I have these friends back home who spend all day playing with codes. Sharing this contest with them will make me so much excitement since their skills are going to be appreciated. Thanks for this sir @justyy

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