Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach Simplified Animated Explanation

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Artificial Intelligence. Everything started from the simple idea that a computer can think like a human being.

The interesting part is that this field was opened by the classical philosophers and not by the computer engineers. So philosophers tried to describe the methodology of our way of thinking with the use of symbols.
But what is AI today? You are already thinking about a chess match in which a computer beats a highly intelligent human being. But this is already done and it is outclassed by many other achievements. What is the most representative invention of AI today?
I don’t know if this is the most representative but it is definitely the coolest: autopilot Drones. You can start writing right now in the comments below about the best AI technology in your opinion. Why autopilot Drones?
This is a technology that includes aerodynamics, video processing, motion planning and so much more.
But in this video we want to focus on the AI part, so in the motion planning capabilities. In a sense, this is a computer that uses the information from the sensors and video processing in order to make logical decisions for the next movement. These decisions involve automated instructions for the robot, in order to go from point A to point B and at the same time avoid obstacles like trees.

But how is this even possible? How can we take an image or a sequence of images and understand if we should go left or right? We will not talk about the image processing part but if you want to start learning computer vision you can click here and you will be able to start from scratch. So let’s assume that we have already investigated the environment with image processing and we have already created this map. The goal is to go from point A to point B. One of the most classical methods in AI is the DFS (Depth First Search).
The analysis of DFS algorithm is in the video at 1:51 min.

This is it for today guys,
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