Develop your First Game - How To Create an App without Coding or Programming skills - Thunkable

in #programming4 years ago (edited)

Do you want to Learn how to create an app without coding or how to develop an android app - game? Here we will use Thunkable in order to develop the back end of a game.

You want to create a new Android Application. Maybe you are already a developer and you want a professional application in no time or you have No Idea of Programming but you have a dream to create your first app. In both cases, you have come to the right place for the Develop of your First Game.

In the previous video, we have already started working on our first application in Thunkable. So if you want to see the Front-end of an application you can click here and watch this video first.
In this video, we will start the fun part by Develop your First Game without coding programming, by developing the functionalities of our app.

                            ANIMATED YOUTUBE VIDEO

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