Hacker News 2017-08-07

in #programming4 years ago
  1. PyTorch v0.2.0 released
  2. The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas
  3. Prostitution decriminalized: Rhode Island’s experiment
  4. Proof of Work Without All the Work
  5. Software Engineering ≠Computer Science (2009)
  6. Highlighting prime numbers with CSS
  7. One 18th-Century Horse Eclipsed All the Others
  8. GoCardless (YC S11) Is Hiring Software Engineers/SREs/Data Scientists/PMs(London)
  9. If your software should be cross platform and accessible, forget about Qt
  10. Modern American elites have come to favour inconspicuous consumption
  11. Linear Algebra for Deep Learning: Matrix Algebra
  12. Show HN: Startuper's life – Damn True moments from startuper's life
  13. OpenSSL in Debian Unstable drops TLS 1.0/1.1 support
  14. IT is the cause of rising income and wealth inequality since the 1970s [pdf]
  15. Flesh-eating bugs at Brighton beach: What really ate Sam and why
  16. Fitting to Noise or Nothing at All: Machine Learning in Markets
  17. A checklist of marketing ideas for side projects
  18. Can I Use Data to Beat Christie's Auction Estimates?
  19. Members of Congress rake FCC over the coals in official net neutrality comment
  20. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp
  21. E. H. Carr's Sense of History
  22. Study: Loneliness, Social Isolation Greater Health Problem in US Than Obesity
  23. Squishy Sentience
  24. Beyond the boring blockchain bubble
  25. HTML5 Version of the Tron:Legacy Boardroom Scene
  26. A Brief History of Gnome [pdf]
  27. Will Shortz: A Lifelong Crossword Puzzle Master
  28. 1950s New York City’s ‘Mad Bomber’
  29. Many Smart Contract Use Cases Are Impossible (2016)
  30. Tofu – The opposite of a font

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Prostitution decriminalized: Rhode Island’s experiment

But it's back to being illegal... gah!

Flesh-eating bugs at Brighton beach: What really ate Sam and why

Something else besides sharks to keep me out of the water!

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