Hacker News 2017-08-09

in #programming4 years ago
  1. Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions
  2. Playing action video games may be bad for your brain – loss of grey matter
  3. What Is Cryptocurrency Game Theory: A Basic Introduction
  4. Why does Sattolo's algorithm produce a permutation with exactly one cycle?
  5. Music Fandom Maps
  6. Show HN: Connect Pub/Sub to BigQuery with this open source Dataflow pipeline
  7. To Protect Voting, Use Open-Source Software
  8. Uber Gets Run Over by Its Own Subprime Auto Leases
  9. Website load and speed analyzer
  10. Harvesting Cb Response Data Leaks
  11. New York Subway X-Ray Area Maps
  12. JavaScript for People Who Hate JavaScript
  13. Startup Cities Index: best cities for startup employees
  14. Cal State will no longer require math and English placement exams
  15. Disney acquires own streaming facilities, will pull Netflix content
  16. The Kolmogorov option
  17. Indian government bans archive.org
  18. Pytest 3.2.0 released
  19. How to Determine If Candidates Will Thrive in a Remote Work Environment
  20. The Internet Archive has digitized 25,000 78rpm Gramophone records
  21. How Palantir pushed into policing
  22. The man who wrote the book on password management regrets the error
  23. Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery
  24. Aadhaar: Ushering in a Commercialized Era of Surveillance in India
  25. United States Expatriation at an All-Time High
  26. Git: Using Advanced Rebase Features for a Clean Repository
  27. Big Companies and the Military Are Paying Novelists to Write Sci-Fi for Them
  28. The SRE model at Google
  29. Why I’m dumping Firebase for Web
  30. Children work in Congolese mines where cobalt is extracted for smartphones

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Americans are dying younger and save and corporations billions? I would think as unhealthy as the people in America are it's costing healthcare Corporation's billions.

Up voted and resteemed this one, thanks for supporting me!

So playing video games maybe bad for your brain? Yea, I can believe that Link.

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