Reddit programming hot 25 on 2017-08-07

in #programming4 years ago
  1. Software engineering != computer science
  2. "Atom needs a whopping 845 megabytes to open a 6mb XML file"
  3. A Summary of the Metaclasses Proposal for C++
  4. If your software should be cross platform and accessible, forget about Qt
  5. Google employee anti-diversity memo causes row
  6. How to make sense of Quaternions used for rotations in 3D
  7. Git from the inside out
  8. What happened to the "Surgical Team" pattern from "The Mythical Man-Month"?
  9. New Tech Start-Up Bubble
  10. Evolution of a Software Engineer
  11. Avoiding intermediate copies in std::accumulate
  12. Never too old to code: Meet Japan's 82-year-old app-maker
  13. Johnathan Blow on criticizing engineering and C++ exceptions. (14min)
  14. Elixir and Doctest - Help Writing Better Programs, One Method At A Time
  15. Practical guide to deploying applications with AWS ECS, ALB and ASG
  16. Debugging your Entity Framework Seeding
  17. Tofu - The opposite of a font
  18. The full story on Kite, autocomplete-python, atom-minimap and SideBarEnhancements [long read]
  19. Jonathan Blow on unit testing and TDD
  20. Bootloader and Low-Level Programming Tutorial: How To Develop Your Own Boot Loader
  21. Faster command line tools with Kotlin
  22. GPU Coding for Simulations using Shaders
  23. Building RESTful APIs using Node JS, Express JS, and MS SQL Server
  24. How to use memcached with php7
  25. A Google engineer wrote that women may be unsuited for tech jobs. Women wrote back.

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