Reddit programming hot 25 on 2017-08-08

in #programming4 years ago
  1. Facebook translations now entirely done by machine learning
  2. Let 'localhost' be localhost.
  3. The BitTorrent Protocol Specification v2
  4. Unreal Engine 4.17 Released!
  5. AMD responds to Ryzen segfaults on Linux
  6. DEF CON 25 - Elie Bursztein - How We Created the First SHA 1 Collision
  7. Hunting for Malicious npm Packages
  8. Best browser-based tools to sketch your software diagrams
  9. The day my Raspberry Pi failed at FAKING my GitHub activity
  10. Announcing New Deep Learning Courses on Coursera – Andrew Ng
  11. The Ferranti Mark 1: World's First Commercially Available General-Purpose Computer -- "It stored data in cathode-ray tubes and a rotating magnetic drum"
  12. C++17 in details: Filesystem
  13. x-post from /r/filezilla 13 hours debugging a segmentation fault in .NET Core on Raspberry Pi and the solution was...
  14. ferret-lang: a Clojure to C++ compiler
  15. Highlighting Ada with Libadalang
  16. Upcoming tech talk on StorageOS, and why they chose NATS for their platform
  17. Telegram Bot in Bash
  18. Thoughts on a Software Craftsmanship training that could have gone better.
  19. "Atom needs a whopping 845 megabytes to open a 6mb XML file"
  20. build2 0.6.0 released, adds C++ Modules support for GCC, Clang, and VC
  21. This Is Why Your Best Developers Keep Quitting
  22. A real world guide to WebRTC
  23. Applying Artificial Intelligence to Hatris (NES) [Java algorithm, article and videos]
  24. Turning the JVM into a Polyglot VM with Graal
  25. A general purpose counting filter: making every bit count

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