Reddit programming hot 25 on 2017-08-09

in #programming4 years ago
  1. A Farewell to Go
  2. Atom 1.19 - Improved Responsiveness and Memory Usage
  3. Leslie Lamport: Thinking Above the Code
  4. a git cheat sheet I created since I kept forgetting some uncommon commands ( log, submodules, clean, configuration flags and so on)
  5. Facebook translations now entirely done by machine learning
  6. More sociomantic D libraries and apps open-sourced
  7. Code Smells: Null
  8. git: Using Advanced Rebase Features for a Clean Repository
  9. Why Github can't host the Linux Kernel Community
  10. Scala Vector operations aren't "Effectively Constant" time
  11. Soft Coding
  12. Faster zlib compression by optimizing longest_match()
  13. Integrating Eta Into Your Scala Projects
  14. Linux: Assembly Required
  15. Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery
  16. Reading Bingo Balls With Microcontrollers
  17. HOWTO scrape websites with Ruby & Headless Chrome
  18. blink and you'll miss it - building a progressive web app with HTTP2
  19. Let 'localhost' be localhost.
  20. Why I’m dumping Firebase for Web? – Michael Lugassy — The Trillest
  21. Interactive rebase against the remote master
  22. Announcing New Deep Learning Courses on Coursera – Andrew Ng
  23. Reactive Apps with Model-View-Intent, Part 1: Model (other parts are linked at the end)
  24. Machine learning datasets for cryptocurrencies
  25. Stop worrying about PKI, an API to generate challenges, validate signature data and PKI certificate chains

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