Hi @achim03

At this very stage I don't know how could we potentially support each other. What I know is that or growth as project.hope depends on constant growth of our network. So getting closer to people running other projects may be a good way to go.

Right now I'm considering if getting publicly closer to thecryptodrive and his project (sbdpotato). I know that not everyone like this user (I'm also having many "enemies" here) and I need to figure out if noone from our team is against him or this project.

I don't see what it would bring to either party to team up together?
We both have large amount of SP and influence -> that always means many different options to collaborate.

Hope I'm making sense?

cc: @lanzjose - drop a comment. You've been collaboraring with thecryptodrive for quite a while.

Yours, Piotr

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