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Small opening note:
This post is dedicated to very narrow group of Project.hope community members and if you're not cc (at the bottom) then you can skip this publication as you won't find anything interesting for yourself here.



Few weeks ago I've came up with small idea. I wanted our group to get more knowledge and learn something new and I've tried to figure out best ways of achieving it. Naturally I cannot send all of you for training or course online. It would require more funds/resources than I can actually afford to spent.

Instead, I decided to allocate >10 usd (50 steem) and send it to each one of you and I suggested, that you would use those funds to cover your daily needs and allocate some time to go through one particular book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.

My goal is to help all of you educate yourself little bit more, learn how to deal with people and conflict situations. I strongly believe that this knowledge will help you greatly during your journey on Steemit and Hive.

I would like to make it clear, that I do not expect that anyone would read it from the start till every end. Just "scan" through it (over 300 pages) and find some parts which you will find valuable.


I especially would like each one of you to read chapter called "You can't win an argument'. We've all witnessed our community being attacked several times by different hostile users. Especially on HIVE blockchain. And I found it crutial to know how to behave whenever we face similar challenges online. When others are provoking us and pushing towards confrontation.


I would appreciate if everyone involved in this initiative would write his own article (either posted within PH community, or outside - it's up to you) describing your impression after reading this book. I hope to learn which chapters do you personally consider valuable and what were your thoughts once you finish it.

Just over week ago @janettyanez wrote her own publication on this particular topic on Steemit as well as HIVE platform.

I figured that I may share it with you - perhaps some of you will find it worth checking out.

Please remember to set up 50% beneficiary to ph-fund if you post your own article on that subject. All rewards will be used to cover cost of new PC which has been purchased by @lanzjoseg (our community core member).


Please do not resteem this publication.

Yours, Piotr




I think it is an excellent initiative that will educate many of us on how to face a hostile situation and benefit from it all, I already have the book in pdf, I hope to share my analysis of the book very soon in the PH community. Greetings

Hope you will enjoy reading this book @carlos84

Each part of this amazing book connects the dots in human communication and relationship. A recommendable read!

Love your recommendation @joelagbo :)

Just going through the book I find it is so incredibly relevant.
And you be ever so caring ....Do not have words to express
The thought of sharing this learning opportunity means a lot.

hi @thetimetravelerz

The thought of sharing this learning opportunity means a lot.

My pleasure :)

First of a special thanks and congratulations to this new initiative by Project hope. Currently I am reading and very close to complete it. It is so much helpful in real life. Will definitely share my review on the book.

I surely hope it will be helpful in real life @adityajainxds :)

I really find the book helpful and it's interesting to read. I ordered a hard copy of the book because I wasn't comfortable with pdf on mobile. Thank you for this @crypto.piotr

Glad to hear that you found this book helpful @rishabh99946

I also ordered hard copy :P

Wow how much did it cost you?

Just around 5-6usd + shipping. not so bad, considering the fact that I'm living in central europe

Not bad, I'm lucky I got it for less than 3$ plus no shipping charges :)

How good a very good initiative to be able to have more resources in the information necessary to meet some knowledge needs.

Count on me of course that I am going to read that book, it sounds very interesting.

Got it 🙂 i think by learning from this Book we can Ignore the person who is getting us troubles on Hive you know which person i am talking about and thats how you managed to tackle him i observed that clearly :)

Excellent way to take advantage of the teachings in the book.

we both know who're you talking about @hassanabid :))

Always exciting times here in PH. Reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is already a huge blessing and a bank of knowledge for human relationships and business. It will be great to share my thoughts on this in the coming days.


Love to hear that you're enjoying the book @uyobong

I already read the book and it is wonderful, this Mr. Carnegie is a guru of social relations, if i read it 10 years ago I am sure that my life would be better, but it is never too late, I have already read it and my life is improving, by the way I recommend all my brothers to read it is too educational

Hope you enjoyed reading this book @ramsesuchiha

I will be reading this book for another time.. Dale Carnegie is a very good writer and i will be willing to read it all time.

Grateful to be the part of such a great initiative.
Would do my best to remain viable in this team :)

Hello @crypto.piotr.

Excellent reading choice.

This is a book that was released in October 1936, however its content remains totally current and practical to be applied in the real life of our times.

A negative aspect of this book is that its teachings could be used to take advantage of other people.

Behaving in a hypocritical manner with others and showing false interest, just to get the best of them.

Hello friend excellent initiative, the truth is a great book, I'm on it. Thanks for encouraging us to be better people! :)

I really enjoyed reading this book from start to finish, I took the time to highlight the most important and useful aspects to go over them as many times as necessary, and I have put some of them into practice.

Thank you very much @crypto.piotr for this excellent suggestion you made, particularly I have found the analysis and learning obtained from this book very productive and satisfactory.

Thank you very much for this initiative.

The smartest thing we can do is try to keep the teachings of the book always present and incorporate them into our daily routine. To the extent that they are part of our subconscious actions.

Wow.... Cool.... Let's do this 😀

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