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Hi guys

I HAVE 3 GREAT news I wanted to share with you.

a) NO MORE self-upvoting while following @ph-fund curation trail

Do you remember posts from last month, where I suggested launching our own curation trail?.

Some of you expressed worries, that by following curation trail (which is focusing on supporting content created by our team) you may end up self-upvoting and attracting wrong type of attention (downvotes).

To fix that problem, I spoke few times with developer who created Steemauto.com and he finally added option to avoid self-upvoting with our auto-votes. That was concern of some of you as far as I remember. Those who were worried about getting downvote because of self-upvoting (while following our curation trail) have no reason to worry any more.

Awesome, right? :)

All you need is to go to "Dashboard" while on steemauto and look for "Selfvote: (?) False (Click to edit)"

b) NEW SUPPORT to our efforts

First, I would like to ask each one of you a question:
Look at that printscreen and let me know what do you see ? :)

The answer is:
our publications are being promoted by curangel :) I managed to get to know someone who is one of their curators and this user is also from Venezuela and on top of that he likes topics related to technology.

Maybe you could visit his latest post and drop a comment:

I would like him to feel like his part of the team :)

C) Curangel and ESTEEMAPP

I've mentioned about our support from Curangel a moment ago. But that's not everything.

I was also talking to a friend who is supporting project.hope and it just turned out that he is esteemapp curator (750k SP) - so I will try to get him to support our group as well and he will select our publications to be upvoted whenever he can.

We're on the roll guys :) !

Project hope is already enjoying almost 300k SP voting power and double that amount in form of ph-fund curation trail followers. We're moving quite fast forward and I must admit, that it's a pleasure to work with all of you guys.


Please , do not resteem this article.

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Yours, Piotr


good news, thank you for sharing them with us

This is really a big, big leap for us at ProjectHope. Curagel is one of the most influential curation team presently on this chain, so it's a big deal having them onboard. I believe that we will be a force to reckon with when the market turns bullish. Cheer!

It is indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to see his name.

Thank you so much for this great news and all the efforts you are doing for this amazing community and project.

You are working with powerful people trying to get them onboard. That looks amazing...!!

The more reputable people in the community, the more solid future.

Thank you so much @crypto.piotr

This a wonderful news. It's amazing how steadily we are growing as a community.

Keep the news coming =) Great ones like these. Will check the crazy amount of trails I follow to see if everything is right.

It's good news, I take this opportunity to modify the option in steemauto right now :)

This is great. Thanks a lot for your work and for networking with these people!

Best regards,

Very good news leader, that means growth and development of @project.hope.

nice, sounds promising :)

Happy to read know about the bunch of awesome updates. PH is moving forward and I am happy with the growth. I have edited the option in steemauto just now. Great update @piotr

This sure is good news @crypto.piotr as they say Rome was not built in a day so here we are part of a community that is getting stronger day by day.
It is simply a case of good intentions making us stronger and getting us far.

Friend @coach.piotr, thank you for this new and good news.

As the saying goes:

The right hand washes the left hand and with both hands you wash your face.

We will continue to move forward by all focusing on being able to grow by helping others grow in this ocean of opportunity.

Thank you very much.

It's good to see the impressive work you keep doing for platform and the team (the teemS), and great to see that all your diligence is bringing greater rewards to the all.

Keep up the awesome work.


Brother you are meeting powerful people in the platform.

I see that you do not rest in your activities for the growth of the project.
You are our example and inspiration to work harder and do our part.

This is great news. Thanks Piotr.

Good news, as a part of the team i am very happy of reading we have great support. Lets continue with the great work.

Pd: please include my name on the list dear @coach.piotr

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Good news, thank you.
I always upvoted my own posts, but I'm only a small dolphin with 5-7 cents. Is there some limit which is already considered wrong?

Hi @deathcross

Is there some limit which is already considered wrong?

I would say that you don't have to worry about it - because chance that anyone would care about downvoting you will be quite small.

Anyway it's hard to answer that question. We all know, that steem is full of strange people, with strange rules. And many so called whales do not like self-upvoting. Some users worry about being targeted, some don't care.

Personally I don't care at all. Anyway if someone would downvote you guys, then I will be happy to help and balance it out with solid upvote :)


This is a good development. There is no solid foundation on steem, without a curating community and curatong mechanism.

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