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RE: Potential collaboration of @project.hope with sbdpotato - what do you think?

in #projecthope10 months ago

Hello dear @crypto.piotr, thanks for the invitation.

I recently wrote an article supporting a proposal from this user, in the process I could read other proposals including the one you mentioned.

This project is a good proposal, you just have to wait to see if it gives the expected results, nothing is certain.

As for mutual collaboration, I think it would be a good alliance, we are growing, we are a serious project and the big accounts begin to look towards us, some with suspicion and others see the possibility of alliances, mutual help and closure.

In my opinion that is good!

P.D: While doing my research I thought we could introduce a proposal in STEEM PROPOSAL, you think about it and we support it ... what do you think?

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