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RE: PROJECT #HOPE - day one

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Steemit always has good news and even more my friend Piotr. Precisely at this moment when things are very hard in the country where I live, there is always a ray of light that brings hope. Piotr again surprised me. I think your proposal is excellent and I agree with it 100%. Count me in.

I think we (@juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, and me) should get into a telegram channel to get to know each other better. And give us helpful tips to contribute to Project #Hope. Besides, promoting our own post and ideas between us and other publications inside of this channel.

Once again, grateful for your proposal Coach Piotr! God bless you.


Dear @ jadams2k18, towards a time that did not exchange ideas with you. I hope you are well, brother.

We are going to communicate by telegram. I will create a small group called #HOPE or something similar. There we can exchange messages. But we must also contact individually in Telegram because sometimes the group conversations get out of control and it is difficult to be organized in the conversation.

The group that had created in December no longer exists, so we will make a new one with us 5.

Please send me your number to my wallet when you can.

A hug my friend.

Perfect! I already have your telegram account, I'm gonna write you there

That is brilliant idea @jadams2k18. Perhaps you could create some channel and invite Juan, Jose and Fucho.

I think you should also exchange phone numbers just in case.


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