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Hi! These are my designs to the 3x3 advertising contest of Project Milkbox, a project dedicated to saving lives.

The first is a poster, designed for twitter, which can also be used in other types of social networks. It has a quite serious tone and includes a small description of the project, emphasizing the invitation to join Milkbox.


The second is more fun, directed to instagram and like in the previous case, it can be applied to other media. The focus of this image is towards the lost pets owners, it is quite graphic and simple, so it can also catch the attention of children or pre-teens easily, in the description of the image to be published you could add more information about the project as well as the link of the page.


The last is the most complete including graphics and texts, it is ideal for Facebook and contains interesting data, information about the project and invitations to join the Milkbox community.


I hope you like it and that it can be useful


Sir, your 📮post is 👍good
Sir, please see my profile

These are wonderful designs. Combination of simple designs.

Good job @mchitman12

Hi. I find the first one to be kind of too simple and dull. The second one is odd. Are the drops on top teardrops?? However, your third design is fantastic! Definitely a winner!