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Missing Children - Niños Perdidos de Argentina


Missing Children - Niños Perdidos de Argentina is a non-profit organization that was formed as a group of volunteers in 1999. Its mission is to help families find their lost children through the creation of an agile and efficient system for the search of minors, being understood by "minors" to those who have not reached the age of majority according to the law or are declared as such.

This organization is divided into two blocks; one that offers families the possibility of acquiring tools and support to find the missing child and another that allows the disappeared person to try to contact their relatives. In addition, it collaborates with the justice and security forces by following up the legal processes that are carried out and providing advice in this regard.

Missing Children - Niños Perdidos de Argentina also has a small department made up of artists who paint murals around cities to help locate the missing child. Futhermore, it has created alliances with the media to achieve a better dissemination of information. You can know more about it here (