Regaining Forum #1

As announced last week, we will have our first open forum today. In each edition, a specific topic will be chosen from which situations that users may have been involved will arise, such as the disappearance of a relative or a pet. It will be called "regaining forum" and it will provide people with the possibility to exchange experiences related to the proposed subject, discuss them and develop tips to cope with difficult circumstances.

The main idea of this activity is to allow users to interact in order to create a support community in which each person can tell their story and, thus, give or get advice to deal with situations linked to the event under discussion. For this, a theme will be selected every week; today's is the loss of a pet.

For many people, the loss of a pet can turn out to be a traumatic experience. That is why, we want to open this session of our regaining forum and, in this way, offer the possibility for you, users, to keep in touch in the comments and exchange tools that allow you to handle your grief better, give advices on how to face a situation of this type and even provide curious information about these cases.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO:writing_hand: :

✅ Share your experience related to the topic in the comments. In this case, you could answer the following questions:

  • Have you experienced the loss of a pet?
  • What advice would you give to people to face similar situations?
  • What helped you deal with the process?

✅ You can tag or mention other users in your comments, as well as comment what other users say in their appointments. The intention is to share and interact. Both actions will generate some good rewards.

✅ We do not have any restriction beyond issues that may go against other users or issues of bad controversy, such as religious or extremist politics. We urge you to act and comment with moderation and respect for others.

✅ It is fundamental to vote other people's comments to receive the reward.

✅ It is very important that you write your Bitshares wallet address and your Discord user in your main comment.

✅ Reward and share this post. And you can also invite others to participate.

💰 REWARDS YOU CAN GET :money_mouth_face:


✅ 100 MILKs to the best comment.

✅ Whaleshareds (votes) at :100: % by @milkbox.esp or

✅ Medium votes for comments that are considered as produced with less effort.

✅ Votes for comments you make in other entries.

✅ You can invite others to participate. If your guest also participates, you can receive extra rewards.

Additional :heavy_plus_sign: :

✅ The account may make some additional rewards that it considers for special or very relevant entries. It is submitted at the discretion of the administrator jury, it means that it will not be mandatory for all the publications.