Don’t leave your family out of steemit

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Being on a holiday, I woke up to a cold morning. I spent my entire morning tryna get my sister on to the steemit platform.
Well, I told them things about steemit including rules we follow, the openness of the community and finally the reward you earn from the community. They we a lot more interested in me telling them about the rewards so I explained. They couldn’t wait to sign in and be part of the community.

@becky93 & @debbie80 with all the excitement

all for the steemit community

At a later hour of the day I moved around and met one of my old friends whom I happened to help open up a steemit account through WhatsApp. He’s a great enthusiastic steetimian as it will be evidenced as time lapses.

@ryan12 & @seacrest123

todays newbie list


i was extremely happy to join the steemit community..... @ryan12

Very well done @ryan12 for the great work you are doing. Thanks for sharing steemit with your relatives.

Steemit is worth it that’s why more and family members should be apart of it