Give a Smile Stage 1 (Food Supply)

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Greetings gentile steemians, in this publication we want to share the experiences experienced when delivering meals to people who were in street situation, the team of: GIVE A SMILE He started a project on his own initiative, with limited but clear resources for where they should be directed.Last Sunday we toured the streets of the most popular areas of Barcelona-Anzoátegui in Venezuela as a family, Living the deficiencies and the crying of a city in need directly, it was a sunny Sunday with temperatures of 34º, our family was integrated with the joy that characterizes us to have God as the sole sponsor of this project with the Steemit flag.

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The activity had a fucionalidad to supply, 30 lunches that consisted of carbohydrate and proteins (pasta with meat) and a food known by the Venezuelan family called chicha, made of (rice, sugar, milk and cinnamon) In addition to this, we delivered a message of encouragement, the experience was hard, but it filled us with strength to continue working for them.

Next, I will narrate all the experiences lived in the activity of Sunday.

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This was the food that was given to people "Pasta with Ground Beef״.

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closing the food trays that were going to be delivered to our brothers

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messages of God for our brothers in street situation.

  • May love and truth never abandon you, God bless you.

  • Blessed is he who thinks of the poor in the day of evil, God will set him free.

  • Glory to God.

  • God loves you never forget it.

  • We are all equal in the eyes of God.

  • God never abandons you, do not lose faith.

  • The sun rises every day. There is hope. God loves you.

  • You love your neighbor as yourself.

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The team ready to go out to deliver a smile.

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12:00 Pm, already on the street, deployed to meet our goal.

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Both people were timid and surprised at the same time, since it is not common to receive food aid nowadays in Venezuela.

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We received these brothers who were transporting garbage and we did not hesitate to give them support, they showed a very affective receptivity towards us.

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Older people who were looking for a bite of food in garbage bags thrown on the street showed shyness when they were offered help and food. "His words were that God bless them and may God multiply".

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This young man found himself in a difficult situation, and sad, at the entrance of a store, he was indifferent to everyone, except for the team of GIVE A SMILE who lent his support.

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_older adult was sad and desolate. _

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This young man, without shyness unlike other people, approached us asking who we are, we answered him we are brothers who want to help him..

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1:00 pm and continued deliveries to seniors who were sitting on the sidewalks of the avenues, were very happy with the help delivered.

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This particular case was the most shocking of the day, we found this nine-year-old boy with his hands in a trash can, with his dirty clothes, when we got closer we asked him what he was doing in that place, his answer: "I'm looking for come out, to take me to my house. " He was a very polite child, this boy had no shoes, but a smile that filled us with satisfaction, we asked him about his parents and he told us that his mother was his grandmother, we also undoubtedly offered him help. Not only the smiles they gave us but many blessings for the team GIVE A SMILE.

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two in the afternoon, and we continue working day, this time these three people, a girl and two older men, received the love of our team..

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Two people in a difficult situation tell us that they are trying to collect plastics and other materials to sell and buy a piece of bread, or something that allows them to buy a food.

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This grandmother with her grandson was in front of a house trying to throw some mangoes, told us that the food we were giving them had fallen from the sky, since they did not have anything to eat.

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This ten-year-old boy was the one who surprised us because when he was given his food and drink, he asked us with a smile on his face, if he could give us a hug, his sincerity filled us with satisfaction and showed us that before the eyes of God we are all the same and brothers.

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The main objective of this activity was achieved, to deliver a message of love and integration to the brothers in need, to give coherence to the word of God. It is: Loving your neighbor as yourself, on the other hand, we witnessed the great needs of the Venezuelan people today. We want to add the best smile to our country and we know that the Steemit family is the springboard to massify this important social work. We will do more activities where we can share with the brothers who need it so much, we will be communicating in the next opportunity, if God wants it.


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That is an awesome summary of your activity and must admit that we were a bit teary eyed with what you did.

God bless you and your team.

For us it is important that the message has arrived, greetings and may God bless you.