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RE: Do you have a Promotional Campaign promoting Steem and would like some help buying Promotional T-Shirts? If so, I would like to Sponsor you.

in #promo-steem3 months ago

Thank you very much for your help .. I have a steemit T-shirt at my house and I use it when doing steemit promotions. Besides promoting Steemit, I also taught them how to post an achievement of 1 to 6 and it was very time consuming because I worked alone.

I haven't held a meet up with the Steemit members in my village or those I have invited to Steemit due to limited time and funds. I really want to hold a meet up for new users who I invite to teach them to make a post achievement and I will try to hold it.

There are at least 20 people who just joined Steemit but don't have T-shirts. But I plan to take 5 of them who really understand Steemit to become permanent members of Steem promo and as new member training teachers.


And the program that I have been thinking of is doing promotions with chat and social media then direct promotion by word of mouth to invite to join steemit. and hold a meet up once a month or every two months depending on whether or not many new members have joined. but of course this program really needs regular sponsors.

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