ONE DAY I WILL BE A WHALE (A Proposed Anthem for Minnows & Planktons)

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Hi folks, thanks to all the great steemians that supported my last post One Day It Will Only be Steemit i sincerely appreciate every single upvote, comment and resteem......✌️

Today i present to you a proposed anthem for the Minnows and Planktons of this wonderful community, i hope that you all support this anthem and accept it as a source of motivation to truly achieve greatness on this platform....Cheers

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One Day I Will Be a Whale

There is no stopping now-Steemit
One day I will be a whale-Believe it!

This Plankton blues I feel-you’ve felt it?
Sometimes makes me feel a bit lost-keep at it!

I’ve got vision, poise and grit-don’t doubt it!
The challenge for whale power is real-attain it!

Naysayers scoff, saying-you’ll never achieve it?
But fellow steemians and planktons; I respond by saying-I’ll make it!

Through the valley of the shadow of doubts and no votes-brave it!
My dream and goal remains true and strong-that’s the spirit!

I have come, and I will surely conquer-I know it!
And in this ocean of steem, a new whale is born-witness it!!

Thanks for reading once again.....I always appreciate your comments, votes and resteems....Cheers


Another solid post from a poet climbing the stairs to the top of Steemit's esteemed hall of fame.

If you keep churning out stuff this gooooodddd, there's no telling how soon you'll be a whale 🐳...i believe it!

One day I'll be a 🐳 I don't doubt it!

I agree with you

Thanks a lot for your comment...I will keep improving and i am sure that i will attain my desired goal!

Wonderful work...if you believe you can with a little more hard work and dedication you'll fly high... This piece is a really nice one... I'll take it as my everyday pledge and commitment

Great, i hope it continues to inspire you as it inspires me daily!!!

Poetry is not my strength but I can appreciate a well written one when I see it. You have captured the desires of a lot of Planktons and Minnows quite well.

Thanks for your vote and nice comment, i trust that with perseverance, vision and hard-work, we would attain all our goals on steemit!

Awwwn, this so nice. Having an anthem in steemit. It will all happen in just a day, such is life

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This vision shall surely come to pass for every aspiring whale. Whilst you keep at it, remember that it is a possibility waiting to happen. Keep on ...your poms are inspiring !!!!

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