I am ready | Promoting Steemit to University Personnel | See you!

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See you there Steemians!


It was great to have the participation of @starzy, @morken, @mcamayra, @sorenkierkegaard, and other university instructors out there wanted to be oriented about Steemit. It's an honor for me as a student to be the speaker of the said meetup. With my 9 months of experience about Steemit, I some how had taken a grasp of the platform and how the functionality of Steemit works.

A few minutes from now and we will be starting our new meetup! See you there my dearest Steemians.

I have prepared the materials!


I have prepared a lot of materials to be used in my campaign of promoting Steemit to university personnel. Such an honor for me to do this. With the help of our boss @donkeypong for supporting the cost of printing these shirts, I am truly thankful for everything.

Steemit Pins are also ready! :)


See you there guys! :)


Nice job and good luck in your presentation.

Kuya @jassennessaj im a student from UCLM engineering 3rd year , how much is the t-shirt ?

It's not for sale po. Currently the shirts will be given for free tl University instructors po.

Thanks for sharing steemit

Go..go..go...! @jassennessaj good luck.!

pre, tagae pud ko ana bi. ipadala lang kang roy

Thank you so much @jassennessaj for imparting your knowledge about steemit:)

It was a great help:)👍

Lovely meetup indeed
I Wish to hold more meetups like this someday so I could get to keep the stemmit flag flying.
I'd love to attend a meet-up of yours someday
More achievements come your way 👍
Here's a meet_up of mine I conducted few days back, would appreciate you kindly check this out

Excellent. Well done to you for putting yourself forward to speak and deliver the message.

Thanks @anarcotech, appreciated. More power :)