Introducing Michael CXT To Steem/Steemit

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Great Steemitizens of the era of digital currencies.

It's an honor to be amongst you and to be learning so much about life and other things in your midst.

They say knowledge gained is best absorbed when shared.

And having fallen in love with steemit, I decided to spread it like a missionary wherever I find myself amongst people who can read and have smart phones or PC.

After the @abuja-steem Meetup, where I attended with Michael CXT he decided to join the platform after he learnt about the many back end applications on the steem blockchain and how these platforms could help him monetize his content.. He decided to jump right in.

Mike is a great graphics and visual artist and animator. He's worked on so many projects from different artists to winning a federal recognition for his immense graphic design talent by winning the President's inaugural graphic design contest for a new year greeting card.

He's a guru with all sorts of design tools and he's promised to do tutorials to help guys who want to learn on his own channel..

You can visit his introductory post.

Thanks for reading..

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Welcome to the Blockchain! I spoke with you during the You Are Hope Town Hall on SteemStar.

Secrets to Steem? Be you, do you, don't look for shortcuts. You may turn around in a couple of months and not believe how far you have come.

Biggest secret? Network, help one another. Find your tribe. What I mean is find your passion here and run with it!

Have a great week and much success. I will take a look at your friend Michael's introductory post! STEEM ON


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