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RE: As a Sponsor of the PromoSteem Community I am immensely proud of the exceptional and outstanding dedication and vision that those in the Community are showing when it comes to the Marketing and Promoting of Steem and Steemit.

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Well..we are also grateful to experience a selfless and outstanding leadership from stakeholders as yourself. The mere fact that you are resilient and dedicated to promo activities is enough to motivate most users to follow suit. If Steem grows, we all benefit... If it falls, we all experience some bad times. Hence, promotion of this platform is more or less a fundamental requirement of every user. Every inch of effort let's not hold back our support regardless of its magnitude or level of impact.



If #Steem grows, we all benefit...


This is the message I have been trying to get across for over +4 years.

Every user, every account, every project and every community is essentially a promoter as it is up to each and every one of us to Market and Promote #Steem.

As an Open Sourced Free-to-Use Blockchain, #Steem has essentially a ZERO Marketing Budget and it is up to the #Steem Community to decide what value Marketing and Promoting #Steem brings to the Blockchain.


Many people are sleeping on Steem. It has the potential to blow and evolve into something greater.