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RE: BTC News With REST 100 Friday Vlog

in #promo-steem3 years ago

Una publicación sencilla de contenido pero que da mucho que decir, de verdad que es buena y me parece de muy utilidad sigue así amigo. Muchos creen que por colocar una publicación que tenga mucho texto les dará mas votos o seguidores en cambio tu fuiste al punto y eso es mucho mejor. Saludos!


I don't know what you said but thanks!

hahaha no problem, here is the translation: A simple publication of content but that gives a lot to say, really that it is good and I find it very useful continues so friend. Many believe that by placing a publication that has a lot of text will give more votes or followers instead you went to the point and that is much better. Regards!

Yes sir direct to the info we want not the fluff news!

this is how it is published friend